Geffen Kleinstern, PhD

Geffen Kleinstern, PhD


geffen Senior Lecturer, School of Public Health, University of Haifa

 Research Collaborator, Mayo Clinic

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 Professional summary

Geffen Kleinstern, PhD is a senior lecturer in the School of Public Health at the University of Haifa, and research collaborator with the Mayo Clinic in the United States. She received her MA in Biostatistics and her PhD in Epidemiology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and completed a postdoctoral degree in cancer genetic epidemiology with the Mayo Clinic in the United States.

Research interests

Cancer genetic epidemiology, exploring factors associated with cancer risk and prognosis including genetic biomarkers, environmental exposures, lifestyle, medical history, and family history.  Gene-environment interactions. Developing genetic risk scores to predict risk and prognosis of cancer. Genome wide association studies

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