Sharon Sznitman, PhD

Sharon Sznitman

Senior Lecturer, Department of Health Promotion, School of Public Health, University of Haifa

Program Coordinator, MPH program, School of Public Health University of Haifa

Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Public Health, University of Georgia

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Professional Summary

Sharon Sznitman, PhD is a senior lecturer in the Department of Health Promotion at the University of Haifa School of Public Health and an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Georgia College of Public Health in the United States. She currently serves as the program coordinator of the MPH program at the University of Haifa School of Public Health. She received her BSocSc at the University of Manchester, her PhD and MA from Stockholm University, and completed a post doctorate degree at the University of Pennsylvania.

Research interests

Sociology of health, drug and alcohol use in teenagers, relationship between education and health, medical cannabis


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