Mission & Vision


Our Vision

Future leaders in global health organizations, including governmental and non-governmental, will serve to improve the health of all populations, reduce disparities throughout the world, and support efficient and effective health systems in high, middle, and low income countries.

Our Mission

The program’s mission is to produce public health professionals who will become leaders in global health and who have integrated knowledge and training in epidemiology, biostatistics, social sciences, health and environmental sciences, health services management, and public health policy, and who are capable of applying it to a diverse range of public health issues in multicultural environments.

Our Objectives

  • To prepare students to work in public health practice in general and global health in particular.
  • To endow students with the knowledge of public health at a global level.
  • To produce a cadre of future leaders in global health and administration.
  • To endow students with theoretical knowledge and practical tools to deal with multi-cultural issues in public health.
  • To prepare students with the skills to identify and assess the health needs of diverse multicultural populations.
  • To prepare students with the skills to plan, implement, and evaluate policies and programs to address these needs.
  • To provide students with an invaluable opportunity to learn about health inequalities based on poverty, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, and gender around the world.
  • To provide students with field experience that will build skills, knowledge, and unique perspectives, which can be applied to future careers.
  • To strengthen the public health research environment with knowledge exchange and translation.
  • To help students understand the conditions for the protection and promotion of the health of communities and their environments in different settings.
  • To develop in students the capacity to organize, analyze, interpret and communicate knowledge in an applied manner.
  • To develop and enhance personal and organizational leadership skills.
  • To familiarize students with the knowledge of the international organizations involved in public health (WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNAIDS, ECDC, CDC, Red Cross and Civil Society Organizations, CSOs).
  • To contribute to improving the health of all peoples of the world.

Our Values

  • A new generation of multicultural public health workers
  • Foundations of public health
  • Promote health equity, social justice, and reductions in health disparities globally
  • Health as a human right
  • Global health
  • Leadership in public health
  • Research and service in public/global health


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