Frequently Asked Questions

1) General Program Questions:

How long does it take to complete the MPH program?

The program is a full-time, one-year program that spans three semesters. 

When does the program start? When does it end?

The academic year begins in October and ends in September.

What accreditation does this program have?

The MPH program is approved by Israel’s Council for Higher Education. The University of Haifa is also recognized by the UNESCO-based International Association of Universities.

Will I need to live in Haifa in order to do this program?

It is not mandatory to live in Haifa to study in the program. However, because the program is intensive it is highly recommended to stay in the University’s dorms or in the Haifa region.

How does the University of Haifa compare with other schools offering the same program?

UH’s MPH degree differs from other schools in that we offer the MPH in one year and that it is an international program, thus providing a multicultural experience and a global perspective on the field of public health.

Do I have to know Hebrew in order to attend this program?

No. The program is taught in English and is geared for the international community.

Will I be required to purchase books for the program?

The majority of the course text is available online. If a textbook is required for a course, it will be made available for purchase at the university store or a copy will be placed on reserve in the library.

2) Application Questions:

Is there an English-language requirement?

Yes, all candidates, who have not previously studied at an institution of higher education where the language of instruction is English or who are not native speakers of English, must submit official TOEFL scores or equivalent as part of the application.

The minimum TOEFL score required for admission is: 570 (paper-based test), 230 (computer-based test) or 89 (internet-based test).

My undergraduate degree is in a discipline outside of the social or behavioral sciences. Can I still apply?

Yes, the program is suitable for anyone with an interest in global health, public health, the health sciences, etc.

I am in my last year of my undergraduate studies and expect to graduate in the spring. Can I still apply?

Yes, but your acceptance will be conditional upon completing your undergraduate studies before beginning the program. Both International and Israeli students must provide proof of the degree conferral (transcript, diploma, or official letter) before starting the MPH program.

I am an Israeli citizen, but have lived abroad for many years. Do I apply as an Israeli or as an international student?

You may use either application procedure. Contact the admissions office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to determine whether you will be required to pay the Israeli or the international tuition.

I intend to make Aliyah when starting the program. Do I apply as an Israeli or as an international student?

Use the application procedure for international candidates. Once you become an Israeli citizen, you will be eligible for reduced tuition.

3) General University of Haifa Questions:

Are the restaurants and cafeterias in the campus Kosher?

There are several coffee shops and student restaurants on campus. All eating establishments are kosher.

Where are the dorms located?

The dorms are located on campus, a two-minute walk from the multi-purpose building and a five-minute walk from the main building (Eshkol Tower).

How many roommates in the dorm?

MA students are housed in the Talia Dormitories in apartments of three or six single rooms, each with its own bathroom, and a shared kitchen and living space.

How far is the campus from the Carmel Centre?

No more than 10 to 20 minutes by bus.

How far is the campus from the Haifa beaches?

20-30 minutes by bus. The Dado beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel with a very nice promenade. All beaches are free entrance.

How far is campus from the train station?

The closest train station is Hof Ha’Carmel with service to the north, centre and south of Israel. Hof Ha’Carmel is 20-30 minutes by bus.

Where are bus stops with service into the city located?

There are two bus stops right on campus located outside the Dorms/Multi-Purpose Building and the Eshkol Tower.

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