Elective Courses

Vaccines (2 credits): This course will cover the basic elements of vaccines. It will discuss issues regarding vaccines and vaccine safety: the history, science, benefits, and risks of vaccines, along with the controversies and debates surrounding vaccines. This course is further described in the Hebrew program’s course description.

Global Strategies for Maternal & Child Health (2 credits): This course will emphasize critical health problems of women and children in developed and developing countries in social, economic, and cultural contexts. Students will learn about the development of maternal and child health programs to address these issues.

Drugs & Society (2 credits): An important social problem facing our society today is that of drug use/abuse. This problem cuts across all cultures, as well as across social class, gender, and ethnic groups. It affects the economy of the country as a whole and the well-being of individuals, families and the communities in which they live. In order to understand this problem better, this course attempts to place "drugs" in a sociological perspective and through using the sociological imagination. This means that we will discuss the multidimensionality of substance use which includes the pharmacological dimension, psychological dimension, and the social dimension of drugs.  We will study both legal (tobacco and alcohol) drugs and illegal drugs (Amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, etc). We will examine different models to understand addiction. We will also critically examine drug polices and their indenteded and unintended effects.

Quality and Patient Safety Course (2 credits): Health care systems are considered dangerous. High volume, high pressure, increasing complexity and high impact on human lives, have contributed to this acknowledgment and have led to increased body of work in the field of quality and patient safety. The course aims at establishing basic knowledge in the fields of quality, patient safety and risk management in health care systems.

 Meta-analysis (2 credits)





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