Admissions Questions

What is "rolling admission?"

The International School accepts applications on a rolling basis. This means you do not need to wait until the deadline to send us your complete application for admission. In addition, we will review applications on a space-available basis even after the application deadline has passed.

How can I complete a payment?

The University of Haifa accepts payments in the form of personal, bank or traveler's check, cash or bank transfer. We are unable to accept credit cards. For more detailed information about completing payments, please visit the Finances section of our website.

If I receive US Federal Financial Aid from my university, can I continue to receive it while in Haifa?

If your home school agrees to continue your financial aid while you study abroad, they will need to send us a Consortium Agreement stating that your financial aid will continue. Please consult your university's Financial Aid office for further assistance and information.

What type of visa will I need?

Most summer students enter Israel on tourist visas, which are valid for three months. Many semester and year students also enter Israel on tourist visas and extend their visas at the Israeli Ministry of Interior once they are in Israel.  Since the process for obtaining a student visa varies based on your nationality, we advise you to check with the Israeli Embassy nearest you to see what type of visa you will need and how to obtain it.

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