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Global public health is a multidisciplinary specialty, leaving graduates of the program with a broad range of career options. Graduates go on to exciting careers in ministries of health, non-governmental organizations, multi-lateral agencies (ex. WHO), governmental agencies (ex. USAID, in-country ministry of health), advocacy groups, disaster relief organizations, hospitals, clinics, health care businesses, health tech companies, or research and academic institutions.

 graduate highlights





Dr. Rania Abdullah (Class of 2018), shaking hands with Dr. Manfred Green.

Dr. Abdullah is a physician for the Ministry of Health in mother/child clinics

called "Tipot Halav". She is also on the founding team of the "Veahavta" clinic.

Veahavta, is a community safety-net clinic in Haifa that provides care to at-risk,

uninsured populations (e.g. migrants and refugees from Africa, trafficked

people from the Soviet Union, LGBT+, and more). 

What I-MPH graduates have to say... 



"I learned so much from the program and it really has changed my perspective on many topics (in a good way) is one of the best experiences I have ever had!"

-Jennifer Gelfand, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, MPH Class of 2017



"As a student in the international MPH program at the University of Haifa you can expect small class sizes, engaging classes taught by experts in their field, and a unique practicum experience. What sets the international MPH program at the University of Haifa apart from other academic institutions is the program’s dedication to their students’ success not only during their time at the University, but also once they graduate. For my practicum, I was given the freedom and support to conduct my own research study investigating the relationship between the usage of public outdoor stairwells in Haifa and geo-spatial and population demographic characteristics. The program was open to receiving feedback and suggestions on how to perpetually give Haifa a cutting edge MPH experience. The department has a vested interest in the successes of the students that transcends a standard duty. As a student and as an alumni the program directors and faculty members were willing to make every effort to utilize their strong network base to broaden the academic and professional opportunities available to its students. It’s truly a special bond."

-Chelsea Beytas, Cleaveland, Ohio, MPH Class of 2016




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