Academic calendar and program schedule

Please see the university and International School calendars here.

Note that the International MPH does not always follow the International School calendar exactly.

Start of academic year: The I-MPH program has its own orientation, usually on the same day or in the same week as the International School Orientation.

Start of Fall and Winter Semesters: Courses begin on the same day as the university schedule.

End of Fall and Winter Semesters: Dates published by the International School for the end of the semester do not include exam dates.  Students must confirm the conclusion of the exam schedule, not just the International School posted “End of Semester” dates before planning their own schedules. 

Summer Semester: the Summer Semester is a complete semester for the I-MPH program and has dates that are completely independent from the University. Lectures typically take place from early July to mid-August. Students should confirm this with the program.

Lectures schedule: during the Fall and Winter Semesters, lectures take place 3 or 4 days per week. During the Summer Semester, lectures are likely to take place 4 days per week.

Please note that attendance to lectures is mandatory for all courses.

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