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Kingdom Mufhandu from the Class of 2017 writes about connecting with a world leader in edutainment and health communications during his time at the University of Haifa in this blog post

Congratulations to our international MPH program director, Professor Manfred Green, who has been recognized by the Scientific Committee of the Annual Conference of the Association of Public Health Physicians and Public Health Schools with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his work to promote public health in Israel and worldwide. 

This award was given to him in June 2017 for his significant contribution to public health, epidemiology, research, teaching, and public activity over the years. This includes the establishment and management of the Israel Center for Disease Control, ongoing work with the Israeli Ministry of Health, the establishment of monitoring and research bodies, educating generations both at Tel Aviv University and the University of Haifa, creating and directing the International MPH program, enormous contribution to the study and teaching of epidemiology in academic institutions, as well as his international status as a leading public health physician and epidemiologist.

Our student Kingdom Mufhandu from the Class of 2017 was part of the International School's student spotlight

Professors Richard and Barbara Schuster recently received their Fellowship to the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. The award was presented to them by Professor Derek Bell, President of the RCP (Edin). Becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh is an honor bestowed on a very selected group of physicians from around the world who have demonstrated career accomplishments deserving of recognition by the RCP (Edin).  Here is a blog post written by Professor Richard Schuster about the award and what it means for the MPH Program.

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The issue of vaccination hesitancy and refusal often makes headlines in the media and worries health authorities. However, a new study by Dr. Anat Gesser-Edelsburg, Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz and Prof. Manfred S. Green from University of Haifa, School of Public Health, published in the Journal of Risk Research suggests that even parents who are not "vaccine refusers" and who usually comply with the routine vaccination programs may hesitate or refuse to vaccinate their children based  on poor communication from the relevant healthcare provider, as well as concerns about the safety of the vaccine.

Summer program alum Sarah Lane Rose was selected for the 2015 CURO Symposium Best Paper in the Life Sciences & Public and International Affairs category for her paper entitled "Syrian Civil War victims receiving medical care in Israel: humanity in a war torn region". This paper was based on work conducted in Israel during the University of Haifa's summer program. 

Blog post about the summer program: "From Georgia to Haifa – A Summer Program in Public Health"


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