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“My time at the University of Haifa has allowed me to take engaging courses in public health. I have learned both about the complexity behind health systems and improving on my leadership skills.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 10.53.44 AMMy internship researching for Professor Green on polio eradication has taught me so much about the way different stakeholders can come together to achieve a common goal.  Additionally, the program has fostered lifelong friendships and professional relationships that will undoubtedly provide me support in future career and endeavors.”

-Amelia Watson, Developing Leaders in Public Health, Summer 2014

"This summer has truly been one I will never forget, and all the opportunities I have had are a result of the incredible Public Health program. As I learned about public health issues happening in the older community in Israel for my internship, I was so impressed with how well Israelis care for their elderly population. Overall, I am extremely happy and fortunate to have made the decision to broaden my worldview and learn new public health methods in Israel. Israel is a beautiful, exciting, and unique place that I was lucky to visit with our amazing group this past summer."

-Melanie Moore, Developing Leaders in Public Health, Summer 2014

"I had an absolutely incredible time while I was participating in Developing Leaders of Public Health at Haifa University. I took classes on comparative health systems and leadership in public health, and then was able to see what I learned in action during my internship at Galilee Medical Center. Israel is such a unique location to study global health, and I highly recommend that everyone visit at least one. This experience gave me valuable insight to how a different country addresses health issues, and further solidified the fact that I would like to stay involved in public health as I enter my studies to become a physician."

-Sarah Lane, Developing Leaders in Public Health, Summer 2014

"The summer program gave me a broader worldview. I know when I go home I will see things completely differently. I was able to submerge myself in each individual experience and to learn more than just coursework. The experience changes how you see the world."

-Savannah Spivey, Developing Leaders in Public Health, Summer 2014

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