MD-MPH (Technion students)

Integrated MD-MPH study track for medical students from the Technion Faculty of Medicine


Outstanding Technion medical students can combine MD and MPH studies from both institutions. Medical students may come from Technion’s Israeli program or from the Technion American Medical School (TeAMS).

Mutual recognition of courses taught at each of the two institutions will allow exemption from some of the mandatory courses to avoid duplication in studies.

An optional thesis completed at the School of Public Health can be recognized by the Faculty of Medicine as a final thesis for an MD degree.*


Admission requirements:

  • Meeting the requirements for the Bachelor’s in Medical Sciences (i.e. having successfully completed the first three years of medical studies for the Hebrew MD Program), or have a Bachelor’s degree (BA or BS – for TeAMS students).
  • Overall average grade of 80 during medical studies (up to and including the end of the first semester of the third year of medical studies for Technion Hebrew Program)
  • Grade 85 or higher for Epidemiology and Biostatistics (this one of the conditions for the thesis track in the School of Public Health)
  • For the English-language International MPH: proven competence in English (candidates who have not graduated from an academic institution where the language of instruction is English, or who are not native English speakers, must submit official scores to prove a high level of English proficiency, eg. scores from the official University-administered English exam, official TOEFL scores (school code: 0955) or other official English proficiency exam scores such as IELTS)

To enroll in the MPH, students must put their medical studies on hold for one year. For Technion’s Hebrew MD students this must be after they have completed requirements for their Bachelor’s in Medical Sciences (i.e. between the third and fourth year of medical school, or between the fourth and fifth year).  TeAMS students can take a year out any time after the first year of med school, although most students take the year out between years 2 and 3.


Choice between Hebrew-language MPH or English-language International MPH

Students may take advantage of this integrated study track either by applying to one of the Hebrew-language MPH study tracks (see more information here, מסלול משולב at the bottom of the page), or by applying to the English-language, International MPH.

The International MPH courses are taught over three or four days per week throughout a full academic year (including summer semester). Attendance to lectures is mandatory. Weekdays when no courses are given will be dedicated to the Applied Practicum Experience, as well as the thesis (if this option is chosen*). 

*Note that students who want to write a thesis with the School of Public Health will need to meet prerequisites relating to their MPH grades and find a suitable thesis supervisor.

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